Chambers Insurance Shoot to Win Contest

Fill out the form below to be entered into the Shoot to Win $1000 contest sponsored by Chambers Insurance and

Ten lucky contestants will be chosen from all who enter to compete in the preliminary shootout on September 30th. Five contestants from Welland, and five from St. Catharines will take ten shots at an empty net from the furthest goal line, and the individual who manages to score the most goals will move on to the next stage.

This is where the fun begins.

At the Weekend of Champs on October 21st in St. Catharines, each of the winning contestants will take one shot on net, this time at a target. Whoever manages to shoot the ball through the target will be awarded $1000.00!

If you don’t happen to make it past the preliminary shootout, don’t worry! Each of the ten contestants will be awarded with a t-shirt and a prize pack, so everybody walks away with something.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below, and like the Facebook page to be eligible for the grand prize of $1000.00!